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Champions of Lasell: The Men’s Volleyball Team

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

“Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay it’s price,” Sun Tzu said this. The Men’s Volleyball team more than earned their Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) victory. This years players were lead by captains Matt “Duggie” Dugan and Dan Raffol, this team not only brought home the GNAC title but were also fierce competitors in this year’s NCAA. 

Both captains stand senior strong, and are backed by a talented team of returners and first years. Juniors include Davonte Johnson, Andrew Glenn, William Gold, Dalton Whitman, Drew Caruso, Ryan Jackson and Jeff Vautrin. As well as sophmores Tristan Davis and Patrick MacDonald. New to the team this year are freshmen Alex Moule and Phu Do.

On the team dynmaic Davis said “We’re always together, we eat together, we live together, which compared to other teams in the area is rare.” This family-esque vibe is shown on and off the court, which is clear to the spectators of their matches. From the moment they are recruited to the final time they step off the court, they have each others back. It’s a supportive environment that breeds success. 

Other schools of this conference are Rivier, Johnson and Wales, Wentworth, Emmanuel, Albertus Magnus and Emerson.  Strong schools with strong teams, making each year a complicated call for who’ll be at the top. In past years Lasell, Wentworth, JWU and Rivier had all beat each other once and lost to each other once. In the past, it has been Rivier to take home the title. But not this year. 

Lasell beat them not once, but twice. Once in regular season at home and the second time for the title, this time on Rivier’s home turf. It is these games that were the highlight of the season according to Whitman and Jackson. 

Their season (including play-offs) finished 24 and 9. The final game versus Rivier, previous GNAC champions, was a nail biter to say the least. Each set was decided by three points or less with a final kill winning the game made by the one and only Dan Raffol. 

 The season ended with a final match in New York City against Baruch at the NCAA Tournament. Making their opponents work for the win, pushing them through five sets of matching each other almost point to point. The Lasers left after the first round and headed home to Newton, heads high, their valiant effort fresh in their minds for next year’s inspiration. 

GNAC All-Conference Honors were given to Raffol and Vautrin. Raffol also earned the tournaments MVP title and a spot on GNAC Second Team. Vautrin was placed on GNAC First Team. Dugan as selected to represent LC for the GNAC-All Sportsmanship Team. 

With so many members returning for the 2015-2016 year, the team’s only challenge will be finding the right players to fill the spots of seniors Raffol and Dugan. Some very large shoes to fill. 

This team’s exemplary character and never-stop-working attitude is what makes them the best Lasell has to offer, as individuals and as a whole unit. They are the definition of Laser Pride.

Best of luck to Duggie and Dan for their future after graduation! As for the rest of the team, we can’t wait to see what else they do next year!

Photo provided by the Lasell Men’s Volleyball Team


Haleigh West is an Honor's Student majoring in Fashion Design with a double minor in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. Her articles are centered around sexual awareness and relationship advice, with the occasional piece focusing on social justice from a feminist perspective. Outside of HerCampus, she runs Lasell's chapter of Active Minds, an organization dedicated to ending the stigma of mental illness on campus, and is an avid hiker who never stops exploring.As a self proclaimed "equalist" she is determined to live in a world where all are created equal. Free of sexism, free of racism, free of all stigma. A truly free world.