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Celebrity Couple: Katie Rathbun & Phil Skerry

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

Just to switch things up a bit, Lasell has two Campus Celebrities this week, more specifically a Campus Celebrity couple. Katie Rathbun and Phil Skerry have been dating for over six months now and together they make an impressive list of minors, clubs, and after-class activities.  To say this couple is involved with the Lasell community is a bit of an understatement.  Both are currently living on campus, Rathbun in Butterworth Hall and Skerry in Bragdon Hall with just an open quad separating their dorms.

Rathbun is a Hospitality Management major, while Skerry majors in Criminal Justice.  But don’t move on too fast ladies and gentlemen because this couple shares between them five different minors along with their majors.  Rathbun minors in Communications and Human Resources in comparison to Skerry who said, “I have three minors, Forensics, Psychology, and Youth and Crime.”

In regards to out of class activities Rathbun said, “Currently I am a resident assistant (RA) in Butterworth. I am the president of Lasell Says Thank-You. I am a Blue Keys Society Ambassador. I am a leadership scholar, I was on SGA for the past two years, I was an orientation leader, and I’ve been on alternative spring break and shoulder to shoulder to Belize and am an emerging leaders peer mentor.” Not to mention a leader for the Timeless Retreat that took place last year as well.

As for Skerry he said he was involved in, “Rugby since freshman year, captain for two years. I was an orientation leader. I went on the inaugural Brooklyn trip and I did New Jersey twice. I’ve been on two alternative spring breaks, New Orleans and North Carolina and I’m leading this year’s to Atlanta, March 12th to the 19th. I was a domestic violence TA (teaching assistant). I’m in the Criminal Justice National Honors Society.”

Even though Rathbun and Skerry have their own commitments, they share a bond over their involvement in some of the same clubs on the Lasell campus. Rathbun said about the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) service trip, “He and I were the trip leaders together on the second New Jersey trip, this past February.”  Being so involved with Lasell has allowed them to grow closer as a couple with their passion for service.  This photo of the couple below was taken on the 2015 ASB trip to Charlotte, North Carolina.

After reading club after club, commitment after commitment one would ask, how do they even manage to find time for each other?  Just like all of their Lasell activities, Rathbun and Skerry schedule it, literally.  

“Even if it’s only 20 minutes we try to squeeze the time in,” Rathbun said.

“That’s what keeps me sane, like when I’m stressed out,” Skerry commented.

Being a Campus Celebrity requires people to have successful time management skills and this Campus Celebrity Couple certainly knows how to do it right.

Overall, being highly involved with numerous programs Lasell offers has taught both Rathbun and Skerry many valuable lessons.  For instance Rathbun said, “It has taught me a lot about myself and has taught me to grow as a leader. It definitely brought me close to all of the friends I have here. It helped boost my confidence too.”  

Skerry also added onto his other half’s answer with, “Being involved really helped me learn who I am and also not to be afraid to be exactly who I am. Don’t act different to fit in, be yourself. Real friends are going to be the ones that don’t question it and just accept you for your goofiness.”  

The power of going after what they’re passionate about is unbelievably beneficial and being able to share that passion with a significant other just as Rathbun and Skerry do, makes it more valuable.  The beauty of Rathbun and Skerry’s busy schedule is not their specific love for a certain club, but for the passion that drives both of them to take part in it all.  That is what makes this couple, this power duo, worthy of Lasell Campus Celebrity status.

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