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We see you, Mom… 

March is Women’s History Month, and it presents a time for all of us to celebrate women’s contribution to society and our lives in general. We should celebrate the power and beauty of all mothers or mother figures. I am going to take the time to dedicate a Her Campus article to my mom because she is more than worth it. 

When I think of an incredible woman in my life, I immediately think of my mother or as I call her, Mama. She deserves every bit of acknowledgment and appreciation. Being a mom is arguably the hardest job in the world and my mom should be an employee of the month. My mom is always putting others before herself and expects nothing in return. Her mindset on life is all about simplicity. She always tells my siblings and me, “As long as you are happy and healthy, everything is okay.” That is one of my favorite things that I remember about my mom. She is not strict. She does not set these unrealistic expectations of her children. She believes in the value of living your life and not overworking yourself. 

There is something about a mother’s love that can always be felt. Mothers are forced to make hard decisions with a smile on their faces. Being a mother is not just a relationship but a way of life. We should take the time to express to our moms or mother figures in life the appreciation and love they so greatly deserve. Just remember Mother’s Day is May 14th so start thinking of what you will do to show your love. 

To all moms, thank you. Happy Women’s History Month! Love you always! <3

Megan Curley

Lasell '23

I'm a senior double-majoring in Hospitality and Event Management with a minor in Marketing. My hobbies include being obsessed with Formula 1, camping, and trying new things.