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Can Jeans Really Be One Size Fits All?

Jeans are one article of clothing that if not all, than most people hate shopping for. From being too short, too tight around the waist, or too small on the thighs, trying to find the perfect pair of jeans is one of the biggest struggles, especially for curvier women. When you finally find the right pair that allow you to jump and dance around without them falling off or making you feel uncomfortable, it is honestly the biggest accomplishment.

Recently, Buzzfeed released a video of several women of all shapes and sizes trying on a pair of 'one size fits all' jeans. When I first started watching the video, I honestly was in complete denial that one-size jeans could be an actual concept; it was like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Being a size 14, I cannot even imagine fitting a single foot inside the same pants as someone who is a size two, never mind both of my legs.

One after the other, these women ranging from size zeroes to plus-sizes were trying on the same pair of jeans, which looked about a size four. Many of them were hesitant to try the jeans on and doubted they would even get a leg inside them, but when they went to try them on not a single person had a problem. Despite their doubts, the jeans fit to every woman's body perfectly, not too big, tight, or the least bit uncomfortable. I really did not believe half of them would have fit in these pants, but after seeing women my size try on the jeans, I really do believe they fit all body types.

The 'one size fits all' jeans are from a company called Tiffosi. Tiffosi is a European clothing company, creating clothing for a variety of departments from women’s, to men's, and children’s as well. One-size fit jeans are something they specialize in, and after watching this Buzzfeed video, I am very tempted to purchase a pair!

*Image from Boldy Youtube channel


Brianna is a sophomore at Lasell College majoring in Fashion Merchandising, with a minor in Event Management. She loves shopping, traveling, and anything Disney related. In the future, Brianna plans to work in the bridal industry, as it has been something that she’s always dreamed of.
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