Campus Cutie: Hilmar Smith

This week’s Campus Cutie is Hilmar Smith, a junior at Lasell hailing from Portland, Maine. Hilmar is a Sports Management major and he’s currently considering minoring in either Sports Marketing or Sports Sponsorship. A true outdoorsman, Hilmar enjoys fishing, hiking, and anything that has to do with water. In the summer he likes to spend time with friends on an island in the middle of a lake by his house. They built a beach on the island themselves and spend their days there swimming and paddleboarding. When he’s not outdoors, Hilmar is probably watching Netflix; more specifically, How I Met Your Mother or Friday Night Lights. His favorite food is steak and potatoes.

Lacrosse is a huge part of Hilmar’s life: he plays midfield for the Lasell lacrosse team and eventually wants to move out west and start a lacrosse clinic and travel team. With this he hopes to develop younger players and train them to be the lacrosse players of the future.

When asked the question “If you could meet any celebrity who would it be and why?”, Hilmar responded with Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots. Hilmar chose Belichick partly because he’s easily accessible and there’s always a possibility of running into him in MA, but also because he runs a lacrosse foundation that Hilmar is interested in interning for (Bill Belichick, if you're reading this, Hilmar would like a job plz).

Photos courtesy of the Cuties Facebook