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Campus Best Friends: Taylor and Angela

Taylor Ritchie and Angela “Big Ange” Connolly are two of Lasell’s finest. Both are Native New Englanders, Tay hales from Worcester, MA and Ange from Farmington, NH, and became best friends one year ago. With relating majors in Communication and Public Relations, they found their way to each other through an interesting twist of fate.

One night in Woodland an extremely over tired Angela locked herself out of her room. Wandering the floor dazed and confused from sleep, Ange knocked on Taylor’s door for some much needed help. Tay, being the good soul she is, helped a sister out. 

The rest is history. Together, they enjoy facials and Grey’s Anatomy, like every best friendship should, and fuel themselves on cheesy bread and lava cakes. When asked what their favorite thing was about the other was, both were quick to answer. Ange responded with “I can always go to her to complain, or just when I need a good snug. We also live really well together.” Taylor answered with what is basically the definition of a best amiga. “She’s my boyfriend without the gross stuff.”

They’ll be taking their friends to a communications conference in Washington next month and both will be studying abroad next year though in different semesters. Best of luck to both of them abroad.

They say people find their friends for life in college. After interacting with these two great women on multiple occasions, this cannot be truer for Angela and Taylor. 

They met because of mishap, but what blossomed from there is the best kind of relationship. Without the gross stuff of course.

Photos courtesy of Campus Cuties

Haleigh West is an Honor's Student majoring in Fashion Design with a double minor in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. Her articles are centered around sexual awareness and relationship advice, with the occasional piece focusing on social justice from a feminist perspective. Outside of HerCampus, she runs Lasell's chapter of Active Minds, an organization dedicated to ending the stigma of mental illness on campus, and is an avid hiker who never stops exploring.As a self proclaimed "equalist" she is determined to live in a world where all are created equal. Free of sexism, free of racism, free of all stigma. A truly free world. 
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