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Boston Burger Company: Where To Go For Monster Milkshakes

My friends and I ventured out to Boylston Street in the Back Bay for some Instagram-worthy eats at Boston Burger Company. Not only do they specialize in wild burgers and crazy fries, but they’re abundant in 'freak frappes.' These gargantuan milkshakes topped with extra desserts or candy are Instagram legends.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is dim, casual and pub-like with a usual wait at the door. The restaurant was loud and inviting, completely full, especially for a weeknight.

The service was timely and friendly and our food arrived at the perfect times, especially for our large party. We first ordered specialty fries, sweet potato fries drizzled with caramel and cinnamon sugar. This was more like a dessert than an appetizer, but it tasted like autumnal heaven (the pumpkin spice latte equivalent of French fries).

Then the burgers came out, where I ordered the Vermonster, which had sautéed apples & red onion, bacon, maple mayo, and sharp cheddar cheese. It sounded odd at first but I was intrigued, and pleasantly surprised. It tasted amazing and is the perfect burger for autumn. The flavors of fall melted in my mouth, a surprisingly good combination. I ate the entire burger, it was that delicious! However, I still had to save room for dessert.

I initially ventured out to the Boston Burger Company because I had heard about their 'freak frappes', monster milkshakes topped with entire desserts, candy and treats. I ordered the S'mores Frappe, a  frozen hot chocolate frappe with a graham cracker rim, chocolate syrup, and topped with a s'more. I was not disappointed. The sheer size of the shake is impressive, I had to split it with a few friends just to justify ordering one. But I’m so glad I did. The milkshake was the perfect consistency and the s'more on top was great for dipping into the milkshake itself.

Overall the food at Boston Burger Company was well prepared, interesting and social media-worthy. A great place to go with friends, as portions are big enough to split. They have burgers for every taste, and milkshakes that can count as its own meal.


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