Boomers' Secret Menu For The Late-Night Lasers

One of the best parts about being at Lasell is the late-night food at Boomers. But did you know there is a way to make it even better? You can order off of the top-secret Boomers secret menu!


  1. Super melt- One of the favorites at Boomers is the grilled cheese, but you can make it even better by adding chicken and bacon to it and putting your favorite sauce on the side for dipping.


2. The Heart Attack Wrap- Of course we are all familiar with the famous chicken wrap at Boomer’s, but did you know you can substitute the chicken out for mozzarella sticks? However, be warned: this option is very filling.


3. B.L.T Quesadilla- Add bacon to your quesadilla, and when it comes out head over to the toppings bar. Add tomatoes and lettuce in between two quesadillas and eat it like a classic B.L.T.


4. Spicy mayo- Add this next one to any of your Boomer’s favorites. At the toppings bar, take mayo and mix with buffalo sauce and the spices offered.


5. Bacon cheddar fries- Next time you order fries, ask to add additional cheese and bacon. Best. Thing. Ever.

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