BLACK HISTORY MONTH: 5 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Were Invented By Black People

1. Home-Video Game Console by Gerald A. Lawson

As an electric engineer, Lawson invented the first video-game console that used interchangeable cartridges, allowing users to change their games, and gave video game companies a chance to sell games individually.


2. 3-D Graphics for Film by Marc Hannah

Also an electric engineer, Hannah developed the technology used to create 3-D graphics for film as well as founding the software, SGI.




3. Process of Synthesis by Percy L. Julian

Julian invented the process of synthesis, allowing scientists to artificially create chemicals such as testosterone and progesterone. This invention would later lead to the invention of the birth control pill.



4. Modern Traffic Light by Garrett A. Morgan

While traffic lights were already invented, Morgan developed a new version that included the “yellow” light to warn drivers that they would need to stop soon. Morgan thought of this idea after witnessing a carriage accident in Cleveland.



5. Super Soaker by Lonnie George Johnson

An an inventor and engineer Johnson has over 80 patents, the most popular being the Super Soaker.