The Best Underrated Horoscope app, Horos

There are hundreds of horoscope apps and none are as good as Horos. Horos is available on Apple and Android, so both users alike can enjoy finding out their future. The app creates custom astrology charts and readings based on the user’s date, time and birth location.

The app is free but has paid upgrades to unlock certain features like having access to a report on your houses. The paid version varies depending on what features you want to unlock, removing ads is $2.90 and unlocking your houses is $9.90 for example.

Most horoscope apps only take into consideration your sun sign. What I like about Horos is that it takes into consideration all the aspects in your chart to create their custom horoscopes. They have a variety of subcategories such as personal life, emotions, profession, and luck. You also have access to your birth chart with an in-depth explanation of how these play a role in your chart and a quick overview to share the key factors. The explanations are very easy to understand.

You can even add friends to help compare your chart and discover how compatible you are. If that wasn’t enough you also get your birth chart drawn out by AI, so you can reference your actual chart. It doesn’t beat having them hand-drawn out by an astrologer, but it is still a bonus. The only downside is that this app has Ads, but you can pay to remove them.

 If you are looking for a good horoscope app to get you into astrology, I highly suggest checking out your chart and horoscope on this app. This app is simply superior to many of the ones on the market.