The Best TV Shows to Binge to Get You Out of Your Mid-Semester Rut

Let’s face it. One of the biggest things you do as a college student is binge watch tv shows on Netflix between all of the classes, jobs, internships, and clubs. I’ve gotten pretty used to going through three or four shows a semester. Nothing beats finishing homework and spending the rest of the night with a tub of ice cream and a new show to binge or going through a new show while working on projects and homework (just don’t get distracted). In this article, I’m sharing my favorite series I’ve binged on Netflix. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

1. Disenchantment

This is one of the funniest shows I’ve found on Netflix recently. It takes place in Medieval times and is incredibly hilarious. With just two seasons currently on Netflix, you can finish this one in a pinch.

2. What If

What If is the interesting story of a couple roped into some dangerous stuff by a wealthy and well-known millionaire after convincing her to invest in a cure that would save the lives of millions of children.

3. Friends


You can’t go wrong with a classic tv show. ‘Nough said.

4. Glee

Probably considered as another classic, Glee is very funny while also touching upon issues faced by high school students today.

5. New Girl


New Girl is another wildly popular and hilarious show. Jessica Day is a middle school teacher who was looking for roommates and ends up meeting four guys from Craigslist (and a cat named Furgeson) and they have crazy ups, downs, and laughs!