The Best Games for a BFF Game Night

     Who doesn’t love a good game night with their best friends? I know I do! Game nights have been a long-standing tradition between my friends and I for over a year. Maybe once or twice a month we get together in someone’s dorm with our games, order some food, hang out, and have a good time. From the classic board games to inappropriate card games, I’ve got you covered. Throughout this past year, I have compiled a list of my favorite games that have been played at our game nights. With that being said, let’s dive in!

  1. Cards Against Humanity: This is definitely a popular game among college students. I’d have to say that this is one of our favorites as a group.

  2. 5 Second Rule Uncensored: This is the uncensored version of 5 Second Rule. You can’t go wrong with this one. This one forces you to be inappropriate. It’s a good way of getting a laugh out of everyone!

  3. The Game of Life: A little cheesy, I know. But my friends and I always find a way to make this one fun. For example, since we have such a huge group of friends, if we run out of Life tokens then we ask for more kids. Strange, I know. Sue me.  

  4. Truth or Dare: Another cheesy one, I know. You can’t go wrong with a classic.

  5. Apples to Apples: Easily one of my favorites.

  6. A Game of Things: I feel as though this one is not that common. I’d never heard of it until one of our first game nights last year. This is another game that forces you to be inappropriate. Good for another laugh, eh?

     Playing these games with your friends guarantees you a good night!