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Be the Envy of Your Friends in These Killer Creative Couple Costumes

Here at Her Campus Lasell we are committed to spooky content.  Halloween (and Fall in general TBH) is the perfect time for the best movies, costumes, music, books, and more.  This week we’ll be breaking down the ultimate lists to have you celebrating Halloween the right way.

Halloween is fast approaching, and adding to the stress of midterms and homework, is the necessity to find the world’s best costume for your Thirsty Thursday Halloween bash. As hard as it is to find a Halloween costume for just yourself, sometimes it can be even harder for you to find couple’s costume ideas for you and your significant other. Here are some very easy and cute costume ideas for you to try!


Find some matching Hawaiian shirts and a camera and head to the party with your significant other as tourists! This costume is not only cute, but can also be super easy to make and affordable!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich 

A classic costume for couples is the sandwich costume. These costumes can be ordered from Amazon for $31.00 and will make you look like a snack at any Halloween event. 


Sandy and Danny From Grease

One of the most iconic and easy costumes for couples. For Danny, all you need is a black shirt, jeans, and shoes, which can be purchased basically anywhere. For Sandy, an off-shoulder black shirt, black jeans or leggings, and red high heels will complete the look. 

Party Animals 

Be the most popular people at the party by being party animals!! Wear a fancy dress and suit and pick an animal mask of your choice and be the life of the party! 

Glinda and Elphaba

Take on “Wicked”’s two favorite witches by being Glinda and Elphaba! These costumes can be purchased at Party City!

I hope you have a spooky and amazing Halloween filled with candy, freights, and amazing costumes!!


Anna Wall

Lasell '22

Lasell University Event Management Student, Class of 2022. She loves llamas, event planning, and country music :)
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