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April 18, 2018: Will the World End?

According to Twitter, on April 18, the world is supposedly going to end.  Sounds crazy, right? Let’s start with a little background of the situation…

This all started on March 13 when a Twitter account by the handle of @strayedaway posted a screen recording of a voicemail he received from an unknown number that sounded like a voice recording of someone repeating military code.  When the first letter of each word was taken, it spelled out the phrase, “Danger SOS. It is dire for you to evacuate. Be cautious. They are not human. SOS danger SOS” and then followed by coordinates to some place on the coast of Indonesia.

The Twitter user had a good sense of humor about the whole situation, but it seems now that he opened up a huge can of worms.  A couple of days prior to receiving the voicemail he also reported that people were mysteriously taking photos of his house and walking away.

Many other Twitter users were quick to respond to this crazy story, making it viral and sharing all across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and are trying offer explanations to what this could potentially be.  One user pointed out that this very well could have been the black box recording of the Malaysian airplane that went missing years ago that recently news has reported could have potentially been found. Another user reported that this happened only two days after two large solar flares were released causing a soon to be solar storm, so potentially, the electromagnetic pulses in our atmosphere caused by these solar flares could have potentially caused this.



After it seemed like that was all, Twitter user @strayedaway posted screenshots of messages he had received in a different location.  One of them apparently was Morse code and translated to “Message received is well related to Stephen Hawking’s death, you are not ready to face them.”  This is especially crazy because we know Hawking had an interest in studying aliens and had announced that something bad was going to happen to the world in 2018.  Could his death have sparked something major? Another message was just a series of numbers, one being 41818, which brings us to the possibility of the next rapture, April 18th, 2018.

It all seems a little too far-fetched, but many people have been terrified since this story came out.  Also, the original Twitter users that provided all of this information all had their accounts taken off of the site.

So what’s going to happen; Is this real, or just another internet conspiracy theory? It’s hard to know until the date comes.


Madison Paloski is a senior at Lasell University studying fashion communication and promotion and graphic design.  She is currently the Editor in Chief of her school's chapter of Her Campus, an editorial stylist for POLISHED Magazine and Founder and Creative Director of the Fashion Styling and Photography Club on her campus.  She can most likely be found with an old film camera in hand, eating Chipotle, or at any local Saver's.  Her Instagram can be found at @maddiiiooyx and other work can be found at madisonpaloski.wixsite.com/portfolio.
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