An Appreciation Post for Sweet Pea: Riverdale's Hidden Gem

*Warning: This Article Contains Spoilers on a Current TV Show*

     We all know Jughead Jones is total babe. However, another Southside Serpent, Sweet Pea, has caught my eye and I think it’s time we give that tall drink of sweet water the attention he deserves.

    Sweet Pea made is debut in the second season of Riverdale, where he attended Southside High until it was shutdown. In the beginning of season two, he shows anger towards the Northside, had encounters with the football team and Archie’s Anti-Black Hood organization, The Red Circle, and is suspicious of Jughead’s loyalty to the Northside. However he starts to make a turn-around after Jughead officially becomes a Serpent. By season three, he’s the loyal friend we all deserve. I know he acts all tough but his summer fling with Josie McCoy reveals that deep down he’s actually a teddy bear.

    I mean just look at him:

We love a bad boy here.

Those shoulders? Damn.

And that smile? My heart can’t take it.

We love a boy who stands up for what’s right. #WokeKing.


And we love his three-dimensional personality that shows more character development over the course of one season than Archie Andrews did in three.

Here’s to hoping season three will finally give Sweet Pea the attention he deserves.