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*Cue Apple radar alarm*

It’s another beautiful day where I wake up thankful to be alive, I open my eyes to the same horrendous sound as always, I go to turn it off, and I see on my phone it is 6:30 am. 


*Cue Apple radar alarm*

It is now 6:45 am, I roll out of bed, put my crocs on, and walk down the hall of my dormitory to the empty bathroom, where I begin my day every morning. Business as usual, then my teeth get brushed, and I go back to my room to pick out my outfit, get my hair and face ready for the public, and then I get my bag packed for work and class. If I’m lucky I’ll have a coffee while I’m getting ready, but 7:30-7:45 rolls around, and I’m out my door heading to work. 

8:00 am: In the morning I clock into work and help get the infant room ready at The Holloway Early Childcare at The Barn. I do simple tasks before the kids arrive, like folding clean laundry, getting bottles ready, and making sure all the toys, seats and swings, and books are all set out. Once the babies start arriving I bring them down to the room, and my shift consists of reading to them, playing with them, feeding the little ones, and overall supervision. 

Now it is 12:30 pm and I am clocking out and walking to my first class of the day. My education courses are full of curriculum instruction, group work and discussion, and lots of note-taking.

1:45 pm: Class is over now. I get back to my room for the first time since the early morning. But my weekdays are non-stop, so I take a small break where I have a pre-gym snack (greek yogurt and oranges are my favs!). Then the music is loud on my speaker and I pick my outfit, which is usually coordinating and comfy, and cute. Before I leave I make sure I have everything I need for the gym and class, because it’s a non-stop evening.

2:30 pm: I get to the gym, hopefully, see that the small space is empty, but at the common hour probably not. I’m there for an hour and a half; I lift weights, and I make sure to get in a core workout, you can’t lift heavy and not hurt yourself without a strong core. Alas, my gym session has to end, because I have a history class.

4:00-5:15 pm: Twice a week I have my American Civilizations II class. It is pleasant enough. I’ve got some great peers and there are lots of discussions and small group work, which I appreciate and learn very well from. 

Now, after my last class of the day, I have some room to breathe and organize my time how I really see fit. Depending on the day, I may go to the library after my late class until I go to dinner at 6:30 pm just to get a good focused hour of work before I get back to all my distracting things in my room. 

6:30 is prime dinner time, ask anyone, the dining hall is ALWAYS packed at this time. Do I still always eat dinner at 6:30? Yes, yes I do, but can you blame me? It’s the perfect time to eat dinner. 

After dinner, my night is pretty much my own. Cleaning up loose ends for my work for the day, taking a scalding hot shower, washing my face, brushing the coffee-stained messes that are my teeth, popping on some Netflix, turning my lights to my chosen color of the night (most of the nights it’s pink) and enjoy my time to myself.

11:00 pm, I’m in bed, but I’m not out till after 12 most nights. Always with Grey’s Anatomy on, I drift to sleep.

*Cue Apple radar alarm*

It is 6:30 am.

Hi! Im a junior at Lasell University majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in education curriculum and a minor in fashion design. Im interested in books, drawing, language, and Im very excited for people to read and hopefully enjoy my work!