7 Jobs In the Fashion Industry You Probably Forgot Existed

Being a fashion media major, I am often asked the question, “so what do you plan to do with that?” And while I happen to be one of the lucky people who knows what I would like to pursue after college, there are a lot of people out there who would probably like to work in fashion, but don’t want to design. Remember, working behind the scenes can be just as fun as sitting in the hot seat. Thus, I have whipped up a list of jobs in the fashion industry that people hardly ever talk about: 

1. A Retail Buyer

Retail buyers get to decide what clothing will be sold in store. They pay heavy attention to market research and the current trends, and they keep in close contact with vendors in order to decide which clothes are the right ones for the company they work for. 

2. A Copywriter

Copywriters pay close attention to tone, word choice, and style when writing promotional advertising content in the fashion industry. It can either be done freelance or for a specific company, but this is a great choice if you want to write about fashion but don’t feel as though journalism is your thing. 

3. A Fashion Archivist 

Fashion archivists collect, protect, and research the history of a brand for the benefit of the brand. For example, if Adidas wanted to make a line that revamps an old style or gives a vintage/nostalgic feel, this is where fashion archivists come in. 

4. A Search Trends Analyst

Ever wonder how you get advertisements for things you like on your social media without even typing it in? Well, as a search trends analyst, it’s your job to know what people like; and to know which trends are on the rise. You’ll be analyzing what people search for when they go online shopping so you know how people put outfits together. So the next time you find an ad for a shirt that you like but never searched for, don’t be surprised; it’s just a search trend analyst trying to help you out. 

5. Fashion Consultant

Fashion consultants help with branding for a single collection, or even the whole brand as a whole. They can either be a source of inspiration for a design team or simply be there for support. This a great gig for those who keep up with the trends on a daily basis. 

6. A Fashion Programmer

 If you’re more interested in the behind-the-scenes business side of fashion, this may be the job for you. Fashion programmers basically run the whole industry; they do everything from scheduling runway shows to connecting designers with brand partnerships. Make sure to keep organized! 

7. Trend Scout

If your dream is to study fashion while travelling, a trend scout position is just the way to do it. Trend scouts help designers design for the masses. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify trends, especially with so much new fashion technology. So occasionally designers will hire trend scouts to attend fashion shows and other events all over the world and report back with their research, so a designer gets a better idea of where to take their next collection.