5 Signs It's Spring at Lasell

Today at Lasell we got the first real taste of Spring! Lasers ditched their jackets and kicked back on the lawns to enjoy the sunshine. Here are five ways to tell it’s spring on campus:


  1. The lawns are full: Everyone’s outside on blankets, playing kan-jam, or in the volleyball pit.


  1. Classes are empty: Everyone’s skipping class to enjoy the warm weather and avoid the poorly temperature-controlled or windowless rooms.


  1. 7 a.m. leaf blowers: Plant-ops workers have packed away their snow shovels to mow the lawns and make loud noises instead.



  1. The quads become a thing again: Picnics by day, parties by night. Finally, going out won’t require a jacket.  



  1. Sports teams are practicing outside: After so much training in the gym, players get to do what they love on the field.