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5 Shows to Watch on a Snow Day

With winter, comes snow and so does snow days! Whether these have been favorites before or you’ve never seen them, these shows will help you while away a lazy snow day in.

  • The Office

It’s safe to say that we could all watch Jim and Pam fall in love over and over again and the excitement and relief of the two finally realizing they are perfect for each other will never get old. Likewise, the awkward, dry humor will forever stay hilarious no matter how many times you hear a punchline. This one’s definitely worth re-watching… endlessly,forever. 

  • Friends

This classic is not only hysterical but you probably have an emotional attachment to it through a friendship in which every episode and line reminds you of your own bond. If you and your bestie love the show you probably exchange memes, sing Smelly Cat together, and refer to episodes on the daily. So for obvious reasons, you’ll want to sharpen up your knowledge of quotes and relive your daydream that someday you’ll live in Monica and Rachel’s exact apartment and get to hang out at Central Perk every day with your 5 best friends.

  • The Newsroom

With a school full of communication majors, this show is sure to satisfy many Lasell students. “The Newsroom” can be found on HBOGo and is three seasons worth of exciting drama. The best part of the show is that all of the news stories are events that actually happened so it is emotional, relatable, and wonderfully American. 

  • The Wire

Ranked at number 6 on iMdb’s list of Top 250 shows, you can’t go wrong returning to the show where multiple  actors got their start. The in-depth character development and phenomenal dialog is something to be noted again, a dramatic show that opens your mind to things you never thought about before; a contrast to what we normally watch as college students. The small details and subtle foreshadowing inoculate to first time viewers are sure to be picked up the second time around, making the series just as interesting and intriguing to immerse oneself in as the first time viewing. 

Sex and the City

Whether you need a good laugh or a good cry- or both in the same episode- Carrie and the girls will have your back. This cheesy show is sometimes just want you need for that sense of comfort like you’re sitting at home snuggling on the couch with your own girls. 

Katelynn, Lasell's chapter treasurer, is a Fashion Communication and Promotion major at Lasell with a double minor in Graphic Design and Event Management. She just returned from a semester abroad in Florence, Italy and this is her second year writing for Her Campus Lasell. Along with being a part of Graphic Design League, POLISHED Magazine, Hope For Humanity, and the Lasell College Honors Program, Katelynn is a lover of cats and vegan food.
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