5 Places to Hang Out on Campus

I’m still getting used to the fact that I have so much free time in college.  In high school, everything was so regimented-the bell rang at the start of class, then again 45 minutes later to end it, and you had to be in your next class by the time the next bell rang exactly four minutes later.  With the lack of structure in college comes the need to find things to do and places to go when you don’t have a class.  So whether you’re a commuter like me or you just need a break from your roommate, I present to you a comprehensive list of every place to hang out on campus that isn’t a residence hall.

1. Brennan Library

This is a great place to go if you’re actually looking to get work done (or at least intend to).  There are desks everywhere and there are actual upholstered chairs (unlike the uncomfortable wooden chairs commonly found in every other library).  It’s also a valuable resource-it’s one of the only places on campus where you can print, and they even have some required class texts in circulation.   

2. The Commuter Lounge

While we’re on the topic, tucked away in a corner of the library is the Commuter Lounge.  Think of it as a sort of exclusive clubhouse that only commuter students can get into.  Most college students have a dorm; the commuter lounge is my home away from home.  I have a locker so I don’t break my back lugging all my books around all the time, and there’s a bathroom there that only we know about.  The thing that excites me the most, though, is the Keurig inside.

3. Arnow Campus Center

Where I decide to hang out on campus depends, first and foremost, on its proximity to a caffeine source.  Enter the Arnow Campus Center.  There’s an Einstein’s Bagels in it, which obviously sells coffee and bagels.  Even if inexpensive coffee and bagels aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of seating suited for both scrolling through Instagram on your phone or working on a group project (or gossiping, whatever strikes your fancy).

4. Valentine Dining Hall

Probably the best college-related piece of advice that I was given was that if it’s too crowded to study in the library or wherever, use a meal swipe and study in the dining hall instead, because they’ll never kick you out and while you’re there you can eat and drink as much as you want.  As a commuter, I only eat in the dining hall two or three times a week, but I can attest to this being true.  People come and go in the dining hall, so it’s never that crowded.  Plus, they have two-seater round tables in case you don’t feel like interacting with anyone and stuffing your face with curly fries (or if, you know, want to shove earbuds in and be at least somewhat productive).

5. Glow Lounge

Nestled in between Brennan Library and Winslow Academic Building, the Glow Lounge is open 24/7.  If you’re a raging insomniac and tend to be the most productive at all hours of the night, then this is probably the place to go.  There are a number of armchairs with attached desks so you can study without waking up your roommate.  Like the Campus Center, the Glow Lounge is home to a food source as well -- a grab-and-go lunch place.  So if you didn’t have time to go to the dining hall for lunch, you can grab a sandwich or yogurt parfait between classes or to keep your energy up when studying.

So there you have it, a detailed guide to where to hang out on campus. In an ideal world, we would all be productive during our downtime in college, but we all know that’s not true.  Not only do you need places to study, you need places to hang out and waste time too.