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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Couples First Christmas Together

It’s finally December! And yes, we are excited because it’s finally Sagittarius season, but also because Christmas is finally around the corner. After a chaotic year, we deserve to lay back and relax… is what I would say if we all weren’t freaking out trying to figure out what to buy our loved ones for Christmas. Especially if you’re in the same boat as me, in a new relationship during Christmas time. Although it’s great to spend the season with your boo, if you haven’t gotten them something by now, you’re most likely stressing out about what to get. Should I get something expensive? How expensive should I go? Do they like video games? Well don’t worry, this list starts cheaper and works its way higher on the price scale depending on how much you want to spend! 

  1. Initial Pendant Necklace – $50.00

This necklace is gorgeous. It’s simple, timeless, and goes with every outfit! You could get your significant other their initial, or make it even sweeter by giving them your initial (I recommend the latter from experience). 

  1. Nike Sweatshirts + Sweatsuit – $50+

These are the best to get someone who loves staying nice and cozy all winter long. The link is just for the sweatshirt, but you could double down and get sweatpants to match! Although clothes may seem like a mom’s gift, these warm fleece sweatshirts never go out of style.

  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera $69 – $79 

This is a really cute present that anyone can use. They come in fun colors such as pink, purple, and blue so you can be creative with them. It allows for something to be used by both of you guys when you’re out on dates, or just by you if you want to take a picture of your sweetie and keep it in your wallet. 

  1. Toloco Massage Gun $119.99

Personally, my significant other is an athlete, and they are constantly complaining about their back and legs after their games. These massage guns are great to help out with the soreness of sports or working out! 

  1. Airpods – $179

If your partner has the first-gen ones and they refuse to get the newer ones (even though they are hardly functioning anymore and they look worn) this is the perfect chance to get them new ones! 

The honorable gift mention was going to be the Nintendo Switch Lite, but those have been sold out for a while. So if anything, this article should make you get out of your seat and go Christmas shopping, before everything gets sold out! 

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Hello there! I am Yalines Medrano and I am a Forensic Science major at Lasell University with the class of 2024. I am from Peabody, Massachusetts and I love to read, watch anime, and hang out with friends! I am so excited to be involved in HER Campus!
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