The 4 Emotional Stages of Bingo

As almost everyone knows, Bingo is a huge event here at Lasell, and people take it very seriously. If you’ve been to Bingo, you’ll be able to relate to these emotional stages and thoughts that go through our minds while playing.


1. Optimism/Excitement

You’re pumped. You just got your Bingo card and sat down. You have a strong feeling that this will be your night and you're definitely going home with a prize, you just know it. You’re eyeing the prize table and are already picking out your prize in your mind. This is probably the best stage because you know you have a night full of opportunities to win ahead of you.

2.   Competitiveness

Let the trash talking begin. You’re so sure you're going to win and you make sure everyone around you knows it. You are now in competition with everyone in the room and you are determined to win a prize.

3.    Anxiety

You’re getting so close to having bingo, you just need a few more to be called out. You see your friends and people around you getting close also, so this is when it really becomes a competition. Then you’re just one away from Bingo, and you’re starting to get really excited, but you also know that at any second that could all be taken away from you if someone gets Bingo before you. The announcer makes the next call, and you hear the dreaded word…

4.   Disappointment/Anger

Bingo! Someone else won, again, and again, and again, and eventually the night is over. You reluctantly turn in your Bingo card and once again you’re leaving Bingo sad and disappointed. At least there’s always next time, where you can repeat this emotional rollercoaster that is Lasell College’s Bingo night.

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