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3 YouTubers to Watch if You’re Interested in Getting into Sustainability

In honor of Earth Day, Her Campus Lasell is committed to living sustainably not just for the one day, but every day (because the Earth is literally dying).  Where do you even begin?  This week we will be breaking down how to live sustainably in every aspect of life–  style, beauty, college life, and yes even in your relationships. So sit back, relax, and get ready to make the switch to eco-friendly. 

Sustainability isn’t just a fad. If we don’t change our habits now, we have about 12 years before average temperatures get too high, which will eventually lead to the planet becoming unliveable. Luckily our generation is the future and we have the ability to change that with a few simple steps. Are you interested in learning more about sustainability? Check out these three YouTubers below!

1.Anastasjia Louise

A self-described “awkward girl expressing herself on the interwebs,” Anastasjia Louise’s “mystery box” of a YouTube channel features tons of thrift hauls, reviews of eco-friendly products and tips on how to go vegan. In addition to her sustainability content, she also has videos about mental health and even features her art, poetry, and music on her channel.

2. Arden Rose

Another YouTuber that features some pretty cool thrift hauls, Arden Rose likes to encourage her followers to reduce their fast-fashion shopping habits and switch to more eco-friendly alternatives. Rose also features tons of other lifestyle videos that you should check out too!

3. Niomi Smart

Known for her plant-based recipes, YouTuber and author Niomi Smart embodies a head-to-toe healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Along with cooking videos, Smart also upload sustainable clothing hauls, workout routines, sit down advice videos and vlogs.


Feeling inspired? Now go check out their videos and help make the world a better place!



Raegan Cleary is a senior at Lasell College studying Fashion Communication and Promotion. She likes French Bulldogs and long walks to Chipotle. In addition to Her Campus shes been doing theatre for eight years and this spring she'll be in her fourth production of Vagina Monologues. In the future she'd love to become the next Miranda Priestly or the frontwoman in a girl-punk band.
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