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10 Thoughts Everyone Has at the Beginning of Winter

Although winter doesn’t officially begin until December 22, the temperatures are quickly dropping and before we know it there will be snow on the ground once again. Winter is well on its way and you’ve probably had most of these thoughts already:

  1. Ugh. Winter is coming.”

  2. “Can I just wear a sweatshirt to class or do I need a jacket?”
  3. “And you’re telling me this is going to get WORSE?!”

  4. “I’ll never be warm again.”

  5. “This classroom is freezing.”

  6. “Do I need TWO jackets?”

  7. “I should invest in a heated blanket.”

  8. “The air hurts my face.”

  9. “Time to bring my uggs, scarves, and gloves to school.”

  10. “I miss summer. When is summer?!”

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