Your Friends Character Based Upon Your Star Sign

Aries: Joey Tribbiani

A loyal and generous friend, but a tendency to gain and lose interest in other things pretty quickly.

Taurus: Rachel Green

A tendency to be a little self-indulgent and materialistic, but undeniably gorgeous.

Gemini: Amy Green

You love a good gossip…but who doesn’t, right? As long as nobody calls you out on it…

Cancer: Gunther

When you’re in love, you’re in love…even if they don’t know you’re in love with them yet.

Leo: Monica Gellar

Likes to be in control of, well, everything, but your heart’s always in the right place.

Virgo: Chandler Bing

You can be a little too critical, a LOT too sarcastic, but you’re always at your best when surrounded by others.

Libra: Ross Gellar

So grounded and down-to-earth, it’s almost easy to forget how quickly you’ll drop all of that for love.

Scorpio: Janine Lecroix

You know exactly what you want and who you like, and there’s not much room for negotiation!

Sagittarius: Richard Burke

Elegant with a wild spirit, you’re almost impossible to forget.

Capricorn: Mike Hannigan

You’re both unexpectedly competitive and the voice of reason…even if people can’t always see it!

Aquarius: Emily Waltham

Fiercely independent with endless ambition, sometimes it’s hard to make room for somebody else’s plans…

Pisces: Phoebe Buffay

True kindness and a soft heart meets an eccentricity and imagination that knows no bounds.

All images from Pinterest