What Shoe Are You?

As girls, do we or do we not lust over Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection on a regular basis? Let’s face it, any girl would never deny a walk in wardrobe with a shoe fit for every occasion – whether it is a New Balance trainer or a black, chunky ankle boot. The question is: What shoe are you for this Spring and Summer 2014?

1.       Slip Into Comfort

Since welcoming the once stereotyped, “chav” shoe, we have since been offered a variation of this trainer. From the trusty Converse, to the New Balance trainer, we have finally been given a shoe that fits everyone’s basic need for comfort. This season is no different. Keep on giving your feet a comfortable journey with these plimsoll slip-on shoes which combine necessary criteria such as being practical, comfortable and most importantly, stylish. If this shoe is designed for you, choose from a block colour of your choice or some of the popular tartan printed ones inspired by Celine.


2.       The CBB – Chunky, Black Boot

Ah! The black, chunky ankle boot. It’s a given fact that everyone has at least one black, chunky ankle boot in their collection, or is wishing to add one to it. We have walked in the cut out boot, the platform lace up boot, the studded boot and many more. The options are endless! If you are swooning over this shoe and want one more pair to add to your collection, but cannot quite justify your tenth pair, then steer towards the black book with the while sole. Versatile? Check. Monochrome? Check. On trend? Check. There, we have justified it for you!


3.       The Statement Sole

Are you looking for that new, statement, platform heel, but want something that strays from the options that have been available to us for the past few months?  Head towards River Island where they have excelled in their recent shoe collection, offering us alternatives to the typical, black platform. This shoe is for one who looks towards their shoes to help pull together to create a statement outfit. If this is you, then the cleated sole that has been featured on the white, chunky platforms on sale in River Island are designed especially for you. This bold shoe gives off the modernistic vibes that this season has been trying to create, so don’t forget to add this shoe to your collection to help create that statement look.

Happy Shopping Ladies! xo