Sweet Potato Brownies For Your Sweetheart On Valentines Day

After a recent craving for everything sweet plus my enduring love for sweet potato fries, I thought why not combine the two? I understand that this may sound completely strange or even disgusting to some, however hand-on-heart, these brownies taste so delicious. The mixture of honey and cocoa forms a perfect sweetness, iconic in a classic brownie, while the sweet potato and oats form the gooey, soft interior yet excludes the calorific guilt.

All the ingredients used in these brownies are more natural and healthy replacements for original ingredients so you can thoroughly enjoy treating yourself this Valentines Day! Also, these tasty treats would be perfect to indulge in as an after-romantic-dinner treat, devour them while watching a chick-flick with the girls (or film with the boys of course) or if you're very wise; keep them all to yourself! Happy Valentines Day! 


500g of Sweet Potatoes (about 2 medium sized)

2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil

6 tablespoons of cocoa powder (or hot chocolate powder works just as well)

7 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup

100g of oats

100g of pecans/ walnuts/ almonds (whichever takes your fancy!)


  • Pre-heat your oven to 180C.
  • Peel the sweet potatoes, chop into chunks and boil until soft before mashing.
  • Break the nuts into smaller pieces before adding to a bowl.
  • Mix the sweet potato mash and nuts with the rest of the ingredients (it really is this simple!) and stir well. (If you feel as though it needs more honey then you can add this in however the mixture is supposed to be very soft).
  • Place the ingredients into a lined baking tray and cook for around 45 minutes.
  • Allow your brownies too cool before placing them in the fridge for 20 minutes. (They taste amazing chilled, and are easier to eat because slightly less gooey).
  • Cut into square portions (you can choose how many this will allow).
  • And of course, Enjoy!