Styling Tips for Lancaster Weather

Lancaster’s weather is as unpredictable as well, the weather. It’s always going to be grey, I can give you that but it may be broken with the odd sun spell. But always, always, always, prepare for rain. The following style tips, coming from myself as a fourth-year student at Lancaster, may help you plan your outfits for the term ahead.


Layering, but done right please. I don’t mean just whacking on every item of warm clothing on top of each other. Try to keep stylish. Hoodies look great under denim jackets, and even chicer under blazers, the tailored the better.


There’s just something cool about the oversized everything trend. In Lancaster, oversized jumpers are great to keep you snuggly and warm, while still ticking the style box. Paired with some ripped-at-the-knee jeans, a cute pair of ankle boots, statement earrings and a leather backpack with your university essentials in it, you’re ready to go.


Now as much as I’m a guilty-party of the fast-fashion scene, I do also love a good charity shop haul. Lancaster is awesome for charity shops; particularly the Barnardo’s in town – it’s stocked with the occasional awesome piece. I picked up a black shearling coat and a leopard print woolly zip-up jumper together for under a tenner, just last week. Check out Toby from SCAN Lancaster’s article for a great guide to charity shopping in our little town:


Perhaps the best things to have ever been made are blanket scarves. Now while most scarves can be used as blankets, the bigger and woollier the better. You may just want to stuff them in your bag when not in lectures or the library to avoid a just-rolled-out-of-bed, but trust me, you’ll be the cosiest one in there, even if a blanket scarf isn’t the most flattering.


A style staple is anything with flared or balloon-like sleeves. It’s a way to inject a bit of class into an outfit, without overdoing it. These sleeves add volume to blouses, while they make jumpers more stylish. Sometimes I avoid jumpers because they feel quite flat and boring, yet sleeves like these make them more tempting to purchase. So, multiply a cosy jumper by some cute sleeves and voila, half of your outfit sorted.


If chosen right, you can find cute yet stylish beanies to add some cosiness to your outfit, and ears! They are perfect for both Autumn and Winter, but will take you through to Lancaster’s rather harsh (sorry to give you bad news freshers) Spring.

Here’s to your Lancaster wardrobe, may it be satisfying and stylish. Have a look on Her Campus’ Fall Style Report if you ever need any inspiration, and share your looks with us on Instagram @hercampuslancs using the hashtags #hercampuslancs and #lovelancs.