Styling A Scrunchie

Bad hair day saviour? The scrunchie. No, they're not just for five-year old girls. Don't believe me? Keep reading.

Not a day goes by where I don't wake up with a bed-head. I'm talking: a knotty puff of hair, with a bobble caught in it somewhere, and probably still damp at the back after washing it the night before. 

1. Half-Up, Half-Down

My everyday go-to is the half-up half-down look because it takes hardly any effort and embraces that bedhead yet still looking stylish. It's super easy and won't even take you five minutes. If your hair is finer, then perhaps a volumising spray and juzz up your hair using your fingers. Separate your hair into two, pulling the top half into either a pony or a little bun. You can choose to do that step with the srunchie, or with a nrmal bobble, and then add the scrunshie afterwards. Et voila!

2. Bun

Another easy one is a the bun. The scrunchie gives it that extra punch, and makes it look a lot less relaxed than the typical ballet bun. Simply pull all your hair back into a bobble, and tie. It can be as messy or as sleek as you want. Then add the srunchie and you're set!

3. High Pony

This is one for all those mid-length to long hair girls! Nothing better than a high pony right? Add a scrunchie and get your cheerleader game on. This look is super retro and is just the right amount of popular American teen and geek chic. I don't think you need instructions for this one!

4. Space Buns

Part your hair down the middle and tie one half loosely with a bobble to keep it out of the way. It's your choice whether to go for a high, mid or low bun and then secure with a bobble before adding a scrunchie. Do the same with the other half of your hair, and add a matching scrunchie for a super cute and easy hairstyle.

5. Low Pony

A simple, chic hair-do is a low ponytail tied with a scrunchie, or even a silk hair tie. As above, you could even curl your hair when it's tied back, giving that stylish, polished aesthetic we all secretly crave.

6. Twisted Pony

You could twist the whole of your pony or just half of your hair. Pictured above is the desired effect and the scunchie just adds that lazy, relaxed vibe yet your hairstyle looks finished.

7. Single Plait

Sometimes there's nothing better than a single braid, whether a traditional plait, a french braid, or a fishtail. Finish your braid off with a cute scrunchie and you are set for a productive day.

8. Bubble Braid

*Works best on long hair* Create your bubble braid by starting with a low pony, tied with a scrunchie. Then a third way down the hair, add a scrunchie and tie tightly. Using your fingers tease the hair between the two scrunchies and create a bubble effect, like that shown on the right in the photo above. Do the same two thirds of the way down, adding a scrunchie and teasing the hair. This boho hairstyle is perfect for the beach, as well as university!