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STYLE STEAL: Kim Kardashian

Now, we all have our favQueen B, but what about the Queen K?! Kim Kardashian has been flooding every social media site, not only with pictures of that famous behind, but with her glorious "ootd that we all lust after. Well, no more lusting for you! I'm going to recreate 3 of Kim's outfits, whilst trying to keep them at a fraction of the price. No promises, you know how much I love a price tag. 


1. This outfit is probably one of my favourite ensembles that I've ever seen Kim wearing! It's super flattering against her curvy body and I just can't believe how plain and simple yet utterly elegant and classy it is. It even amazes me that when this was taken, the weather was atrocious - how did she manage to still look flawless?! Anyway, there's definitely a thousand bodycon- midi dresses on the high street, so my recreation of this instagram picture takes a new twist... 









2. Being in Paris means hitting Haagen Dazs to indulge in a delicious ice cream and means us fashion enthusiasts can finally copy Kim's clothing in a much more casual way. I mean, we don't all have the occasion to get dressed up, do we? My favourite thing about this is teaming a pair of stonewashed jeans with a pair of court heels; it's definitely a new trend that really made it in 2014 and will stick with us for the foreseeable future, especially if you wear it like this! 






3. Ripped jeans? Check. Bomber jacket? Check. Prada heels? Check. Kim ticks all the boxes with this ultra glam-casual look and I was definitely lusting after this Acne bomber once I saw Kim sporting it... I'm just not ready to go into everlasting debt due to the price tag. I think the key thing with this "ootd" is that you could literally wear any pair of ripped jeans, throw on your favourite 'barely there' heels and a cropped jacket and you could roll up anywhere like you've never even tried to make an effort. That's what I feel like Kim K does all this time, and it breaks my heart because she always looks perfect. 




And there you have it! Three different outfits, each worn by the iconic woman herself, Kim Kardashian. One last note, if you take anything from this style guide, it's to remember the three colours; nude, camel and white. Keep it neutral to keep up with Kim.


I'm Lauren Collier. I'm nineteen years old and I'm a second year English Language in the Media undergraduate. I'm a social media enthusiast, blogger and obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle!Email: lauren-collier@hotmail.co.ukInstagram: www.instagram.com/laurenlcollierTwitter: www.twitter.com/laurenlcollier
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