Snakes, Bugs, Celebs OH MY!

The wait is over, the Christmas countdown has officially begun because, “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” is back with plenty of pyro’ for series 15 and just under 10 million of us tuned into watch it. Everyone’s’ favourite reality TV show has returned for 3 weeks as we watch 13 celebrities take on challenges and take on each other to win the coveted jungle crown. We always hope to see a good selection of people, in an ideal world we would love to see David Beckham, Harry Styles and Kendal Jenner thrown into the jungle but we know that would never happen, sadly.

The return of the show means the famous comical duo Ant and Dec are back on our screens, they never fail to make us laugh and they certainly never let the show down with their jokes- mostly bad jokes but nevertheless funny. They provide us with great entertainment every evening with their uncontrollable laughter and their imitations of the celebrities during the trials; wouldn’t it be exciting if one day they got a taste of their own medicine? Now that would be great television. 

This year’s line-up is a refreshing change as the popular shower scenes and buff bodies have been replaced with witty minds of people who have plenty of interesting life stories to share around the campfire. Every year we are expectant to see celebrities that love drama, arguments and speaking their mind, however, in Sunday’s opening episode the teams united to work together and everyone seemed to get along. Although, no doubt drama will ensue in the camp asap! Will the drama begin when the new arrivals enter the jungle later in the week? Given the rumours of the celebrities heading to the jungle, I think so.

I don’t know what it is with reality TV shows this year but they have all gone for ‘change is good’, first X-factor, now I’m a celeb. A competitive atmosphere was generated in the first episode with the producers choosing two team captains who had to choose their teammates based on only a short video clip of their potential allies. 

Another change is that the show encourages the vast audience to be even more interactive than previous years, they have taken away payed voting (until we have to vote people out) to make way for a free ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ app. If you haven’t already downloaded it, give it a go and enjoy the activities within. It allows the audience to vote on who takes part in the bush tucker trials, enables the audience to watch videos of the celebrities prior to going in to the jungle and shows live Twitter and Instagram feeds. Ant and Dec repeatedly said millions of us were voting on Sunday by using the app, here’s to us ‘tech-savvy’ viewers that love a good freebie.  

I’m not sure what you all thought of the losers trial ‘Hell-evated’ but it seemed far too easy! Only a handful of the contestants were covered in smelly critters and they bagged the 10 stars just like that!  What happened to the incredibly hard, scream inducing trials that make us howl with laughter? I hope we see more of those in the next episodes. If change is the new thing, then let us hope the wimpy whining contestants aren’t chosen to do every single trial, I want to see beastly Chris Eubank getting into his Zen zone and taking the trials by storm or Tony as he bragged so much that nothing scares him. 

Roll on the next three weeks and listen out for those in depth conversations over a coffee in the middle of a lecture, or at your office desk about who everyone is loving or loathing in the jungle!