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Second Term: A Life Lesson

Second term began well, I think. I mean, did it? Who really even knows. I at least went into it confident to smash all my goals, and achieve big. Reality hit by the end of the first week, and I realised I was going to have to pull out all the stops to make this term go in my favour.

Self-destruct mode probably hit six weeks in, when the readings piled up and lectures started having to be missed in order to cope with having to play catch up. Technology gave in, backups failed and the tears streamed down my face night after night. 

But here I am. Term has ended. And what a relief it is. So while I can talk about all the issues that resurfaced this term or all the personal battles, or all of the things that got me down, I actually feel this sense of great achievement.

This term has reminded me that when the going gets tough, you have to keep going. To see everyone on campus pulling together, supporting each other and even studying together in the library just to motivate rather than distract one another is more than touching. Let’s take this thing as seriously as we should because we are more blessed than we know. 

Things happen, and university feels like one big test half of the time; but it is incredible life experience. And second term has taught me that while times get hard, academic stuff gets intense, and social relationships seem to crumble, we are so blessed to be here experiencing university and educating ourselves. 

To anyone reading this, and any fellow Lancaster University students, know that you can and will get through university. It may take the usual three years, or it may take longer, but you are actually working on yourself and growing your mind. You are so much more than the grades, the aggregation scores or the degree classification. Make the most of the incredible education you have, and try not to doubt those who are doing their best to offer their education to you to aid your growth and development as a human. 

Anna Mather

Lancaster '19

Anna is a final year student of French & Linguistics at Lancaster University and will graduate in 2019. She is one of Lancaster's Chapter Correspondents. Her favourite topics to write about are fashion, style and interior design ideas. She loves to share photos on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ku_layrosas/ She also runs Kulayrosas, her own fashion, faith and lifestyle blog: https://kulayrosas.com/
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