Postgrad QT: Natalie Lucas

I had the privilege of interviewing my former flat mate/library companion of two years, Nat! She’ll always be the first person you go to for life advice, or anything related to wine, Costa, Manchester (and now London) and Instagram!

Name: Natalie Lucas

Age: 21

College: Fylde

Degree: BA Geography

How’s post uni life? It’s good although I do miss the lie-ins and of course Hustle Thursdays

Job title: Allocation Analyst on the buying and merchandising grad scheme for TK Maxx

What does your role entail? Analysing sales data for my department on a weekly basis and making strategic decisions about what stock to ship each week. As well as going to store to see the product on the shelves meaning trips to Germany, Poland and Austria around once every month or two.

How did you get your grad job? I saw an advert online and just applied (and then went through several rigorous stages included the dreaded assessment centre)

Were you a member of any societies while at uni? I was on Fylde JCR first as Publicity Officer and then as Chair and Democracy.

Is there any advice you’d give to students looking for jobs after uni? Don’t stress about having to have a job waiting for you once you graduate. Things will fall into place; they happen for a reason. And if you do decide to go down the grad scheme route, be yourself as much as possible throughout all stages of the application process. Chances are if you’re not suited to a particular company they aren’t right for you either. Remember assessment centres are as much for you to find out whether you like the ethos of a company as they are for them to profile you.

In three words how would your friends describe you?

Nat: I'll leave this to you B

Bethan: (So I’m going to go for three qualities rather than words) 1. The UK’s answer to Blair Waldorf 2. Arguably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met with one liners as flawless as her eyebrows 3. “tonight’s the night”.

What are you never seen without? a small cappuccino to go

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be? I would be in the Maldives (while they are still there)

What would your dream job be (if you’re not already doing it)? My dream job is to be a buyer for a well known apparel or homeware retailer

Thanks for your time Natalie!