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I've been anticipating the release of Nina Nesbitt's new album for a very long time. The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change is Nina's second album and was released just last week, on February 1st. It follows on from her 2013 debut, Peroxide, which received a sadly critical write up. 

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The Scottish born singer-songwriter comes from modest roots and managed to make her way in the industry by posting videos on YouTube, building a fanbase and supporting Ed Sheeran and Example on tour in their early days. Despite being dropped from her label and taking time out to write for other people, this second album shows how Nina has managed to progress despite the adversity she has had to endure, which is a key theme of the album.

Deservedly so, TSWCUTSWC has received a much more positive reception. One of my favourite quotes I found when reading an album review that was shared on Twitter, has to be this:

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Sadly it seems to sum up the general consensus of the music industry, but bit by bit, female artists are getting the recognition they deserve.

This album is less acoustic singer-songwriter compared to Peroxide and more of an ecletic mix of R&B. It documents the relatable struggles of a woman growing up in her twenties and finding her feet. From documenting her friends' pregnancy (Chloe) to detailing her life goals (Empire), this album really discusses it all.

My favourite song on the album has to be Last December. It was never intended for public release, but the demand from fans after its initial debut on a livestream a few years ago secured its place as the penultimate song on the record. I was really excited to finally hear the studio version of this song and it definitely didn't disappoint!

You can listen to The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change on all streaming services. 

If you also want to see Nina on her UK tour, tickets are still available. I can't wait to experience the album live in April!

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