Learning To Appreciate The Mornings

The inevitable stress of third year has made me force myself to adopt a more structured routine. I used to hate mornings and would do anything I could to have a few extra precious minutes in bed. 

Don't get me wrong, I'd still much rather have a lie-in than have to get up early, but I think I've struck a balance where I'm learning to tolerate, if not appreciate an early get-up.

Getting yourself properly prepared for a busy day ahead can put you in a more positive mindset, as well as enable you to be more productive.

I often find myself feeling frustrated and unproductive if I oversleep. If you wake up early, at least you have the whole day to get your work done and if you finish early, you can then take time for yourself. 

Despite how I have never considered myself to be a morning person, I find that this time is now when I most prefer to tackle my most difficult work. A couple of hours after lunchtime, I definitely begin to lag. Whilst different times work for different people, adjust your routine and what you can achieve may surprise you.

Striking a balance between the working week and having much needed down-time is definitely very important. But, at least for me, an early start is the way to go.