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A Guide To: Environmentally-Friendly Period Products

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lancaster chapter.

Nobody likes change, especially when it comes to something as delicate as your period. Our generation of women have been shrouded in the taboo of periods, most of us not receiving any authoritative guidance or open conversation about them since our primary school sex ed (FYI: our sex life is more than just our menstrual cycle!) Thankfully, we are also the generation helping to change this.


Most of us were only ever given two options when it came to our periods: itchy and uncomfortable sanitary towels, or tampons, which come with their fair share of health risks. In school, we dreaded that time of the month, worrying about everything from the smell of our sanitary towels, to the amount of time our tampon has been in.

There is a new wave of menstrual products, though. Ones which are comfortable AND reusable. And, we’ve put together a list of these products which will guarantee to help you improve both yours and the environment’s wellbeing.

The Menstrual Cup

This reusable cup sits at the base of your cervix, collecting your menstrual blood rather than soaking it up like a tampon. The cup is widely acknowledged as an excellent alternative to non-reusable products like tampons, as it comes with far fewer health risks, is comfortable to wear, and holds around 3x more blood than a regular tampon.

Period Underwear

There is huge variation in the types of period underwear, but they all aim to stop you needing to use any additional ‘products’ during your bleed. The fabric of this specially designed underwear absorbs your menstrual blood like a sanitary towel, but with far less discomfort and environment-damaging plastic.

Reusable Applicators

The newest addition to the family of savvy menstrual products is the reusable tampon applicator. If making the jump from applicator tampons to the cup seems too big, this may be the perfect transition.

Organic Products

If you prefer to stick with the traditional types of period products, there are options which are better for you and the environment. Buying products which specify the use of organic cotton mean that the chemicals used on cheaper products are eliminated, and therefore these will be kinder to your vagina.

Ultimately, we all need to feel comfortable and safe during our period, and it may take some time to work out which option is best for you. The good news is there are plenty of options out there to choose from!

Emily Watson

Lancaster '20

Linguistics and English Language 👩🏼‍🎓