Gifts to Get your Pet this Christmas

Christmas is always a busy time of year and, with one to-do list too many, it becomes a lot more stressful if you’re having to go last minute shopping on the 24th . This is probably because you forgot to buy a present for your cousin or your auntie or your uncle twice removed, three times replaced and once lost down the cereal aisle in Sainsbury’s. What’s even worse is if you don’t manage to get to the shops and are sitting awkwardly round the dinner table, knowing it’s going to be your turn to present your gifts and realising that you have no excuse for why one person’s present isn’t wrapped and looks a lot like the scarf you were wearing yesterday.

Well, this article can’t help you with remembering all your relatives, but what it can help you avoid is the guilty feeling of seeing your pet ignored in the corner of the room. A pet is not just for Christmas, but that’s no reason to leave them out of the festive fun, so here’s a list of potential gifts to give them to make them feel a bit more included.

Please note, these gifts will not include fancy dress for your pet (because let’s face it, you bought that for yourself, your pet is not enjoying it) or any extravagant Santa’s Sleigh beds or baskets because your pet doesn’t need that and will probably prefer the box it came in to have a nap, much to your dismay. These gifts are aimed to be budget friendly treats that allow your animal friends to feel that extra bit special, even if they don’t quite understand what all the fuss is about.

For your Cat

  • Goody bags/ Stockings: basically the cat version of a selection box, filled with treats or small toys these are the perfect little something to give them on Christmas day.

Felix Christmas Gift Pack £3.00

Whiskas Christmas Stocking £4.00 

Dreamies Super Mix £6.33 (price may vary) 

  • Toys: not exactly Christmas themed, but my cats have certainly enjoyed playing with them in the past.

Backyard Bird £3.50 – it’s a real hit with the cats, but you might want to put it away for the night to avoid being woken up!

Scented Paper £3.50 – if your cat loves catnip then this is the gift for them. Watch your cat’s excitement at this catnip infused paper – my cat has actually eaten some of the sheets he enjoys it so much! (But don’t worry, it’s non-toxic, so he’s fine.)


For your Dog

  •  Goody bags/ Stockings: selection boxes again, because all dogs love a treat that isn’t from the table.

Pedigree Stocking £5.00

Small Robin Stocking £6.00 

  • Toys: some toys with a festive feel to them but can still be enjoyed throughout the year.

Good Boy Christmas Squeaks Toy £3.42 

Festive Raggy Crinkle Toy £3.76 

Winter Woolies Toy £3.07 

And of course, any pet would enjoy some out of the ordinary food, whether it’s a luxury brand or something you cook for them yourself (just make sure that it’s suitable for your pet first.) The best selection of gifts out there seems to be for cats and dogs, but if you have other pets then you can still find something for them too! It’s easy to forget our pets when Christmas comes around, so whether you buy them something or not, don’t forget to give them a bit of attention and involve them in the day if you can.

So even if you end up re-wrapping last year’s body wash gift set for the auntie you didn’t remember at the shop, put something special aside for the animal(s) in your life who, despite not being able to buy you anything, never stop giving you their love throughout the year.