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When I saw the advert for a new film starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, it was a must-see on my list (plus the fact that Taylor Swift endorsed it on Instagram).

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I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of the plot, as the main reason I wanted to see the film was due to my admiration of Gossip Girl and Pitch Perfect, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

The storyline follows two best friends who meet at their sons’ school: Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is portrayed as the ‘perfect’ Mum who has her own YouTube channel, a sharp contrast to the hectic lifestyle of Emily (Blake Lively) who is a busy business woman and relies upon her best friend to look after her child.

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When Emily suddenly goes missing, Stephanie takes it upon herself to find out everything that happened. The viewers from her channel watch as the events unfold, piecing together the mystery surrounding her death.

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Do not be fooled into thinking the film is of a completely serious nature- the names of the star-studded cast bring inevitable humour throughout.

Whilst some aspects of the plot are pretty far-fetched, all was forgiven when I realised that it was actually one of the least predictable films I have seen in a while, considering certain aspects (which I don’t want to give away!).

If you enjoy films full of twists and turns but also laughs, then A Simple Favour is definitely for you.

It is currently showing regularly at Vue Lancaster, for £4.99.

Rating: 8/10

Helen Jordan

Lancaster '19

Helen is a third year English Language student and will graduate in 2019. Her favourite topics to write about include cooking and tips for uni life. This is Helen's second year writing for Her Campus and she is looking forward to her role as Chapter Correspondent for Lancaster in the 2018/2019 academic year.