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The Dresses Of Met Ball 2015

So, apparently it is now acceptable to go naked to the prestigious fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Or maybe Beyoncé, Kim K and JLo share the opinion that China is packed with scantily-clad women instead of the widest variety of OPAQUE fabrics in the world. Read the invite ladies- “China: Through The Looking Glass” not “China: Just Look At My Ass”.



Don’t get me wrong, a little leg and cleavage can go a long way in completing an outfit but I don’t want to see your whole bod thanks. We’re not on the beach, we’re in the public eye at a fundraising gala for a museum- wear something a little more appropriate. Imagine if George Clooney turned up in a mankini and tie, it’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing but there is something a little bit off about it. Exposing yourself for attention at a charity event is unnecessary- you wouldn’t get your boobs out at Comic Relief would you? And let’s not even mention Beyoncé’s hair and the fact that JLo’s outfit is more suited to a figure skating competition. The three of them must have starved themselves for days to fit into these dresses- let’s hope they didn’t get peckish and grab a bite of Rihanna who happened to go dressed as an omelette.

But it wasn’t all bad, those that managed to keep their clothes on looked “gorgeous” (Justin Bieber on Selena Gomez’s look- awkward). 

Selena wore an effortlessly beautiful Vera Wang gown complete with tassel detail on the shoulder straps and a standout orchid headpiece- take note Sara Jessica Parker. 

Poppy Delevingne also looked beautiful in this flowing Marchesa design with poppy detailing on the torso. The colour scheme was perfectly suited to the theme, the plunging neckline was tasteful and it just so happened that the blooms she was sporting shared a name with the model herself. 

Jennifer Lawrence was probably my favourite, looking stunning in this bra-top style Christian Dior dress she even gave us a cheeky glimpse of her impressively toned abs.

All three of them managed to look exceptionally striking and, in frankly, a much more respectful way than Beyoncé, Kim K and JLo. So next time, throw on a little more clothing before stepping out on the red carpet- let’s see more fashion and less flesh!

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