Campus Celebrity: Olivia Ward

Name: Olivia Ward

Age: 18

College: Pendle


Course of study: Law

Hobbies: Playing netball, guitar and piano

Position on the Exec: Social Secretary of Law Society and Charity Challenge Team Leader for Pendle college

What do they entail:

As social sec, I plan all the social events for the society with my partner. This includes our smaller socials like our pizza night as well as the bigger ones like the law ball. This means we're responsible for everything from booking coaches and venues to getting deals and ordering food.

As a Charity Challenge team leader, I help my team to organise the events we plan and keep track of all the money, as well as getting to walk around campus with a loud speaker and yellow t-shirt.

How long have you been involved in this role?: I've been involved with both roles since January and have recently been re-elected as Social Sec.

What do you do as a society: As a society, we put on a range of academic events, such as talks from law firms or our pro-bono week, to more lighthearted social events such as the Law Ball. The society also runs academic competitions in debating, mooting and negotiations.

In the charity challenge, we compete with the other colleges to raise the most money or awareness for a charity of our choice and this year we chose to support Defying Dementia.

Why should somebody join your society?: You should join the Law Society as it's a great way to meet other wanna-be lawyers or law students, which is great for networking and socials are definitely the best!

I think everyone should get involved with the charity challenge, because it’s a complete laugh, so much fun and you get to support a great cause too!

(Charity challenge team - Pendle College)

(Olivia and Hannah pictured below - new social sec, at the law ball)