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Campus Celebrity: Katie Emma Capstick

1. Hello Katie! First things first: tell us a little bit about you!

Hi ! Thanks for talking with me today! I’m 22, I’m in my 4th year here at Lancaster, I’m studying a masters Media and Cultural Studies as part of Graduate College and I’m from Wigan!

2. You’re running for Campaigns and Communication: what made you choose this specific position?

I chose this position because I’m extremely passionate about campaigning on various societal issues and believe I can provide a fresh perspective for the role. If elected, I would encourage students to set up their own campaigns about something that matters to them, and I would support these campaigns and set up my own. Some campaigns I feel are important are demands for lower rent, mental health awareness, anti-discrimination awareness and awareness of sexual assault. I also want to bring campaigns like these to big annual student events such as Roses.

As for communications, I feel that as a media student and as someone who loves working with student media, this role is even more fitting to me. I feel that as VP Campaigns & Comms, it is extremely important to be involved with student media on a practical level. I understand that student media is ran by students who also have degrees so when it came to exam periods, I’d step in if anyone needed help.

3. What are your hopes and expectations for the future if you are to be elected for this position?

I’d hope to see students achieve what they want and deserve. So, for example, it seems that the idea of lecture-free Wednesdays are popular, so if this is what students wanted, we campaigned for it and achieved it, it means that students’ well-being and happiness is achieved. I think that is one of the ultimate goals of a student union and is always something to fight for. I hope to see more societies and colleges sign pledges to support student campaigns.

I see how the student media has achieved so much already through recruitment and awards, but I want to see even more students get involved, even if they have no intention of having a career in the media. Student media is a perfect opportunity to work on confidence. For me, whenever I presented with LA1TV, I was always so nervous, but it helped me build my confidence. I know a lot of people find standing in front of a camera scary but you always feel so proud once you’ve done it. I love the phrase: ”do something every day that scares you” because I think it helps you improve as a person.

4. I know you are also interested in other things such as feminism and the role of women in society. How did you become passionate about these topics and what are your thoughts on them?

As a teenager, I never really understood the word ‘feminism’; it always seemed to give off bad connotations. But when I continued with my studies at A-Level, my media studies teacher taught me what it actually meant. Then, when I came to university and found out about the Vagina Monologues, I wasn’t expecting to see something so inspiring and empowering. I then decided to be in it in my 2nd and 3rd year and learned so much about feminism and gendered-violence.

Recently, Emma Watson and Taylor Swift have ‘’come out of the feminist closet’’. It baffles me why identifying as a feminist is such a bad thing! We need icons like this to suggest identifying as a feminist is a good thing. For me, when I heard Beyoncé sample Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TedX speech called ‘’we should all be feminists’’ in Flawless, feminism became cool.

I always like to stress the importance of women in leadership. At the end of the day, women make up half the population and therefore deserve representation. I would say Hillary Clinton is a huge role model of mine: I see how she gets a lot of negative press for what she wears or how ‘’old’’ and ‘’angry’’ she looks. What’s important is what she has to offer to the American people, not her appearance or otherwise. These are the double standards that go on in politics.

5. In what ways have you been campaigning? Are there any tips you would give to future campaigners to help them “advertise” themselves?

I’ve been involved in various campaigns recently, but the one I’d like to talk to you about is the No More Page 3 campaign. I recently attended a workshop run by a woman from the campaign who taught me how to set up an effective campaign. She said that you firstly need to identify a problem then construct an ‘’axis of power’’. I feel that this is such an effective way to set up a campaign in order to make a proactive change within society. A good way to advertise a campaign is basically by using this axis of power where you would mobilise audiences through social media. 

6. And finally, how are you feeling about the elections on the 6th of March? Hopefully not too nervous…

I’m going to be completely honest, I’m very nervous!  I hope people recognize my potential. There is some tough competition this year but if I don’t win, it’s been an experience I will never forget. I really do hope to win, however, as I know I have so much to give to the Student’s Union.

Thank you for your time, Katie! And good luck on the elections!

Thank you so much for the questions!

Mother tongue English, fully Italian. Born in Tokyo, lived in Hong Kong, grew up in Milan and currently studying at Lancaster University, UK. Multi lingual, I love to read, write, sing, cook and lead a healthy lifestyle. Her Campus Lancaster Editor in Chief as of April 2014!
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