The Best Festive Activities

The choosing of your Christmas tree 

Image from Wordpress 

Walking around a Christmas tree farm with a chill in the air feels extremely festive. Although decorating your tree is also as enjoyable, I think there's something satisfying about wandering around choosing your perfect tree and then being able to see the finished product in your living room.

Making gingerbread houses 

Image from BBC

Although it is definitely associated with being a child's activity, who's to stop you? They taste delicious and the smell wafting through the kitchen is bound to put you in the Christmas mood.

Christmas crafts

Image from Women's Craft 

Also somewhat associated with children, but if you are looking for gift ideas on a budget this may be the way to go. Bake some festive gifts and treat your loved ones. They'll probably appreciate it more than something from the high street!

Singing Christmas carols 

Image from YouTube

As you will have inevitably seen when watching Elf on repeat, singing Christmas carols really does make you appreciate the Christmas season.