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The 6 Most Shocking Moments from Netflix’s Love is Blind

Netflix’s recent weekly ‘reality’ show, Love is Blind, has gained a lot of attention over the last ten weeks. This incredibly cringe yet super entertaining series is gathering mixed reviews. But whether you love it or hate it, the dramatic, often surreal moments it offers are impossible not to watch. Here’s six of the best – and most shocking – moments from the show so far.

It’s just day four of the experiment, and Lauren drops the L-bomb

In the first episode of the show, hopeless romantics Cameron and Lauren take their ‘relationship’ to the next level, with Lauren telling Cameron she loves him after just four days in the pods. Shortly after, Cameron proposes to Lauren and they get to see one another for the very first time. Its all very surreal.

Diamond chucks her drink over Carlton

After Diamond finds out Carlton kept a bombshell of a secret from her prior to their engagement in the pods, things start to get very rocky between the couple. In a heated argument during their Mexican getaway, Diamond sees red and throws her drink all over Carlton. We can’t say we didn’t see it coming.

Jessica lets her dog drink wine directly from her glass

This scene sent Twitter into a meltdown. In a deep conversation between indecisive (and honestly just plain snaky) Jessica and her much younger fiancé Mark, Jessica proceeds to lower her wine glass for her golden retriever to take a sip. After the dog laps up a gulp of red wine from her glass, 34-year-old Jessica continues to drink from the glass. And Mark doesn’t bat an eyelid!

Giannina dishes Damian a mortifying insult

Perhaps the most volatile of the final couples, Damian and Giannina’s relationship is constantly going from down to up…and back down again. After one of many heated arguments, Giannina tells Damian that, despite his high praise for her in the bedroom, there’s a reason she doesn’t reciprocate it to him…ouch.

Cameron performs a rap for Lauren’s mum

After proposing very soon into the show, Cameron struggles in the outside world when it is revealed that Lauren’s family might not be okay with her dating a white man. In a quite honestly haunting scene, Cameron performs a rap (one which he performed as a child, apparently) in an attempt to win over Lauren’s mum (yes, it is as bad as it sounds). We’re just thankful he didn’t perform it for Lauren’s dad…

Literally whenever Amber and Barnett appear on screen

Having played three girls against one another in the pods, Barnett settles on wild party girl Amber as his future wife. When they see one another for the first time, it’s lust at first sight, and these two make that very obvious, all of the time. Expect PDA on whole new level.

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