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5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Happier Place

Winter is slowly beginning to end, finally, and spring is in the not too distant future, so here are some ways to help shake off the last of the winter blues, through making your bedroom a happier place to be.

1) Open Windows

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Although the nights are getting brighter, the days are still quite short. Bring as much daylight into your room as you can, keeping the windows open in order to allow fresh air to circulate. You probably spent winter under the buzz of electric lights, so sunlight will be refreshing.

2) Cosy Lights

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As I said, the days are still short, so you can’t fully escape the need for artificial lighting. Use this as an opportunity to make your room cosier and warmer by buying some fairy lights to string across your walls, bed, desk, drawers…

3) Plants

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You’d be surprised at how much a plant in your room could benefit you. They brighten up the space and provide a little hobby, all whilst helping to oxygenate the room.

4) Pin Borad

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If you don’t have a pin board in your room, I would highly recommend purchasing one. Pin boards allow you to create any design. You could pin up posters or cut outs from magazines: or just anything that you find you enjoy. The pin board creates a background to your room, and it can be easily changed and altered. This means that the background to your room is always changing – it is very refreshing to not have to see the same things all the time.

5) Hide Wires

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Find a way to hide your wires and cords, such as cable ties or a shoebox, so that you don’t see the mess of tangled wires. If you don’t see disorganisation, you won’t feel disorganised.

Currently a 3rd (and final!) year English Literature and Creative Writing student at Lancaster University.  
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