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3 Wardrobe Essentials to be Super Summery in Springtime

We’ve had a glimpse into the summer, we had that weekend, yes that one weekend, where sunshine and warm breezes filled the hours. But now, we are left with a spring that is reminiscent of winter. However, we are more than ready to escape the clutches of winter fashion and step into some lighter and brighter outfits. Here are some key components that will put some summer into our wintery spring:


Valentine's Sweetheart Candies
Jill Wellington on Pexels

Spring fashion and pastel colours are intrinsically linked, and this year, it isn’t any different. These soft shades are typically baby pinks and blues, but pastel yellows, greens and lilacs are becoming much more popular, with lilacs storming the S/S18 runways. Centre an outfit around pastel colours, like a baby pink jacket (necessary for the weather) with a lilac top, and there you have a perfect combination for a spring day. Not to mention, pastel colours are easy to match, adding ease to your day.

Bold colours:

Marcus Loke

In opposition to pastels, there lies a world of bold colours, clashing and coordinating, bright reds and yellows against powerful blues. As much as pastel colours are a staple, bold colours are too. In recent years, they have become much more popular, echoing eighties and nineties fashion. Bold colours scream summer, meaning that any outfit with bold hues will bring sunshine to a wintery spring.


Sharon Mccutcheon
Sharon McCutcheon

Sequins are a huge trend this season (especially holographic ones), and for good reason. Any size sequin works, but the most popular have been the oversized ones. They catch the light and bring sparkle to any room. Anything light and bright captures the essence of summer, so a sequined outfit is perfect. A sequined jacket is the simplest way to add a flash of summer sparkle to any outfit (pair it with a pastel base and there you have an amazing outfit). You can even try to make your own (bigger sequins will be easier).

A real summer may be a dream away, but that doesn’t mean that your outfit has to reflect that. Bring summer yourself, no matter what the wintery winds say.

Currently a 3rd (and final!) year English Literature and Creative Writing student at Lancaster University.  
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