3 Things You’ll Know If Your Birthday Is On Valentine’s Day

1. Romantic Restaurants 

Image from Total Integrated 

Thinking of going out for a low-key meal for your birthday? Think again. Every restaurant will be booked up, but if you do somehow manage to get a table in a restaurant, be prepared to be the only person there who isn’t celebrating Valentine’s Day. Your table will be surrounded by couples, and you will definitely have to choose from a love-themed menu (dishes such as ‘You Got a Pizza My Heart’ and ‘Olive You A Lot’, for example, often appear). Most Valentine’s birthdays are celebrated away from such locations, as no one wants to be singing ‘Happy Birthday’ in a room full of romantic, intimate, candlelit dinners. But, I implore you, Valentine’s birthdays, go to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day! Reclaim your birthday! Eat your birthday cake surrounded by roses and candles, there’s something quite capital-R Romantic about it.

2. "Birthday" Gifts (Which Don’t Look Like Birthday Gifts)

Image from Love Dignity 

Picture this, you’re carrying birthday cards and presents from friends, to you, it’s your birthday, to everyone else, it’s Valentine’s Day and you seem to have gifts from many admirers, and everyone seems to comment exactly that (this isn’t helped by the fact that you are definitely going to be carrying Valentine’s themed gifts). This leads to the awkward explanation that it is indeed your birthday, to which the response of ‘aww, isn’t that cute?’ comes out. Everyone thinks a birthday on Valentine’s Day is something cute, I have never met anyone who didn’t say ‘aww’ when they found out a birthday fell on Valentine’s Day.

3. 'It's Not A Real Holiday'

Image from Forever Twenty Somethings

'Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday!’ is a phrase that is often thrown around, and as someone with a birthday on this day, you feel a real attachment to the holiday, because, to you, no matter what anyone says, it is definitely a real holiday. To anyone who says ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’, just celebrate the Valentine’s birthdays instead!

A birthday on Valentine’s Day is something filled with pros (you’ll always get a card on Valentine’s Day, chocolate is everywhere, everything is cute and love-themed, the list goes on). But there are also cons (most people are either busy with their relationships or hating the holiday), but, regardless of all that, it is first and foremost your day! Forget the couples, the haters and the awkward interactions, because Valentine’s Day is your day, and no one can take that away from you!