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3 Perfect Pieces for an Autumnal Outfit

Once Autumn hits (and it certainly already has), your clothing suddenly becomes more focused on staying warm rather than, well, anything else. So, here’s a few key items that you should add to your wardrobe so that your layers can be both fashionable and perfect for those chilly Autumnal days.

A Warm Scarf

A warm scarf is a key staple in any Autumn wardrobe. Easy to style, affordable and available in literally every colour and patters (and texture, and material, and length…), a scarf will keep you cosy and warm all day, and if you get too hot (somehow) it’s easy enough to take off and just pop it in a bag.


Gone are the days of Converse and trainers, for they risk cold toes and provide no grip on the slippy paths (thanks to all those leaves – they can be so pretty, but eventually, they just become a mushy hazard). Now, we must wear a hardier shoe, or more specifically, a boot. Whether you prefer the ankle height of a chelsea boot or you’re more inclined toward a knee-high, a pair of boots will get you through these cold months with less slipping and minimal wet socks.

A Jumper

An Autumnal outfit is not complete without the inclusion of a jumper. Layer it on top of a t-shirt or vest top for an extra layer of warmth, do what you may with it, just make sure you never wear an itchy jumper. An itchy jumper will just irritate you all day, and that is not what you want from a cosy outfit (you want to aim to feel like you’re snuggled up in a blanket). Also, branch out with colours and patterns with your choice of jumper, use this time to be both stylistically bold and comfy (a rare combination).

These next few months are bound to be cold, wet and dark, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress to match that. Hopefully, these small suggestions will push you to feel able to dress for warmth, comfort and style. Remember: being warm doesn’t mean you have to be without style.

Currently a 3rd (and final!) year English Literature and Creative Writing student at Lancaster University.  
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