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10 Times We’ve All Felt Like Chandler Bing

1. At your 9am lecture
2. Before your morning coffee
3. When your housemates want to go out but all you really want to do is have a night in
4. Cutting questionable shapes in Sugar on a Friday night
5. Tucking into that post-club takeaway afterwards 
6. When your seminar tutor asks you to contribute 
7. When those post-break up feelings hit
8. When your parents start asking about your career
9. When you ignore all your problems by treating yourself 
10. When you try to flirt but it comes off as weird

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Maddy is a third year Lancaster student graduating in 2019. Her favourite writing topics range from university life to articles just to make you smile. This 2018/19 academic year Maddy has taken over as a social media officer, so keep a look out for her regular posts on the chapter's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to stay up to date!
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