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If you’re anything like me, then you might have a growing collection of house plants, cacti, and succulents to brighten your living spaces. However, I have found that the more plants I’ve collected, the harder it is to distinguish the needs of each individual plant. Just like humans, each plant requires a different level of water, food, and sunlight to thrive. I have found that social media platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram are great ways to find helpful and easy-to-follow tips for keeping your plants the healthiest they can be. 


Here are some of my favorite plant Youtubers and videos I have found in my internet deep dives:


Generally, on TikTok, I let the algorithm do its thing so I can find new content naturally. However, here are some creators that will catapult your FYP onto planttok. 

Of course, you can also scroll through #planttok or #plants to find more useful tips and inspiration. 


Personally, I find beautifully curated Instagram pages very inspiring. Luckily, there are plenty of creators who share their plant collections and knowledge on Instagram as well. Some you may want to check out include: 

Similar to TikTok, Instagram’s “hashtag” function may also be a useful tool for finding your favorite plant content creators. Also, be sure to use the drop-down menu option next to creators to find similar accounts. 


Lastly, don’t forget about the all-knowing Google. If you have specific questions or problems regarding your plants, it is very easy to find a plethora of advice articles on Google. 

Furthermore, the “Google Lense” feature is perfect for identifying the species of your plants. All you have to do is scan your plant and Google will curate information specific to its species. 

WIth spring just around the corner, I encourage you to dive into the world of plants. I hope these resources give you a good starting point to become more informed!

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