Why You Should Join Her Campus Lafayette

Interested in writing, social media, photography and/or event planning? Looking forward to a career in journalism or marketing, or just looking to make new friends on campus? Her Campus Lafayette is the place for you! We are Lafayette’s chapter of this amazing national organization with a community of college writers across the world. Here are some reasons why YOU should join this incredible girl gang ASAP:


  1. A family of empowering leaders on campus and around the globe

Whether you are an athlete, international student, engineering major, senior or freshman, you will get a chance to meet people with all different backgrounds and levels of writing experience through Her Campus. It’ll give you an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, discover new passions, and collaborate with like-minded students outside of classes! 



  1. Goodies and events galore

Each semester Her Campus teams up with various brands to bring Survival Kits with all the essentials you need for the season! We get to connect with the rest of the Lafayette community through fun giveaways including brand new items from face masks to coozies to self-tanner! Plus, this past semester we hosted a sustainable beauty event featuring Easton’s very own Taylor Made Cosmetics with plenty of treats and free samples to go around. We are so excited for even more to come!



  1. Your resume will stand out from the rest

Every week you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience in planning co-sponsored events, designing recruitment flyers, strengthening your writing skills, and beyond. Need to send in a writing sample for that internship application? Piece of cake. Future employers will no doubt be impressed to find how you’ve juggled schoolwork and other campus involvement with writing for the #1 online magazine for college women. And don’t forget the countless networking connections you’ll make through events and conferences!



  1. Express yourself and your thoughts!

From fashion tips to life hacks to Netflix recommendations, there is an article section for anyone and everyone. Her Campus gives you a platform to speak your mind, share your feelings, and uplift other college women—what’s not to love? We aren’t a professor handing you an essay prompt, so that means you have the power to pitch the article idea that suits you best!




If you’d like to join us, feel free to email [email protected] with any of your questions or ideas. We can’t wait to meet you at the Involvement Fair on September 3rd!